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Meter Reading Position Duties:

Under direct or general supervision regularly and customarily reads meters. This includes such work as the following illustrative duties, together with other related and incidental work.

1. Reads all types of electric and gas meters. Replaces seals, resets demands and inputs unusual conditions and other notes into the hand held device.

2. Visually checks all meters for company meter number, meter tampering, hazardous conditions and verifies readings when prompted by the hand held device.

3. Reports necessary changes in rate classification.

4. Promotes good public relations and reports to proper authority complaints or inquiries he/she cannot satisfy.

5. Is responsible for keeping the routes reading sequence to maintain efficiency.

6. Opens trap doors and on occasion crawls into the crawl space to read meter.

7. Operates a company vehicle and is responsible for observance of all state driving laws and to report any maintenance required along with keeping the vehicle neat at all times.

8. Perform administrative related work associated with meter reading.

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