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Meter Reading Consulting


Do you need to improve your Meter Reading Routing?
MAS has the expertise to:

  • Evaluate routes to determine a fair days work for a meter reader
  • Levelize the daily & monthly workload of each meter reader
  • Improve each worker's efficiency and effectiveness while minimizing related costs

Do you want to refolio your routes?
MAS can also:

  • Evaluate your scheduled meter reading cycle and recommend the appropriate daily assignments per meter reader and determine where improvements can be made
  • Balance and cluster reading assignments in each geographic area
  • Determine routes to be moved from cycle to cycle and synchronize the timing of route changes with the billing cycles
  • Eliminate unnecessary backtracking and jumping around from different locations or areas
  • Reduce travel time, mileage and exposure to traffic hazards

Established in 1999, Millennium Account Services has a management team that totals 47 years of utility (electric & gas) experience with 30 years strictly dedicated to meter reading and customer service.



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