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Tailgate Advertising

A cost-effective way
to create a mobile billboard!

Looking for a unique and highly visible solution to attracting customers?
Millennium Account Services Advertising has the answer. It’s called Tailgate Advertising and it’s a new and innovative form of delivering your message at eye-level.
Here’s how it works:
MAS Advertising posts your customized sign on the tailgates of our well-known
vehicles. (In fact, you’ve probably seen our trucks. We are the ones who read your
electric and natural gas meters.) You choose how many vehicles sport your message – one to 76 – and which locations you need to target. Plus, you have the added convenience of advertising on a monthly basis.

What you get :
• 18” high x 53” wide advertising banner
• One color or multiple color capability
• Low monthly advertising rates
• Target areas cover all eight counties in southern New Jersey
• Customized sign design ranging from $85 to $110

Only $200 per month
per vehicle
(plus initial sign design cost)

Set your advertising in motion.
Call MAS Advertising Today.


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